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Experiential Marketing Through Agency

The digital world does not stop growing every year and therefore traditional marketing has also had to resort to new technologies to adapt to the trends and changes that involve consumer behavior. Mandreel knows very well each of the technological innovations and therefore they have been experimenting with a new tool known as Experiential Marketing. However, this topic seems to surprise many businesses and companies, but let’s see what it’s all about next.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing, also known as Experience Marketing, is a tool that focuses on creating a meaningful link with consumers through positive experiences with the product or brand.

Now, some people think that experiential marketing is about sensory, relationship, or emotional marketing. But the reason why this is thought of is that experiential marketing is a set of approaches that rely on neuroscience, inbound marketing practice, and even socio-cultural context analysis. All these elements come together in such a way that a strategy can be established to promote the marketing of a brand.

Characteristics of Experiential Marketing

The team bases experiential marketing on external elements, which form a whole to create a pleasant perception of the experience a user can have when navigating a brand’s website. The experiential marketing implemented in considers the following aspects:


Sense stimulation (sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste) must be used to connect with users and meet their basic needs. These sensory resources aimed at promoting products and services add value to the brand.


Positive emotions and feelings can be directly related to the decision to buy a product or service. When a user must be convinced that he or she will get satisfaction, joy, or peace of mind by making an investment in your site


Consumer interests and preferences can be fleeting or timeless because the world is constantly changing. Therefore, the company keeps up with trends or possible changes that may affect the quality of a user’s experience with your brand.


It is important to know how to use creativity to influence the perception of a product. If we talk about thoughts for the choice of a product, a consumer is usually convinced and prefers the brand that can solve their problems in an innovative and functional way.


Generating trust through values, interpersonal relationships and efficient communication can keep consumers loyal at all times.

Why implement Experiential Marketing?

At Mandreel we use experiential marketing as a response to the need to improve the quality of users’ purchases. Through experiential marketing, consistent and far-reaching promotion can be achieved. This marketing strategy encompasses all aspects that can influence the good experience of the customer, thus increasing their degree of satisfaction, engagement, and sales statistics.

Likewise, experience marketing allows business owners and companies to give effective answers to their customers, but above all, it gives a reason for the brand to exist. After all, experience marketing seeks to connect all customer needs in a logical way, so you don’t have to sell a misleading product but a real one. To get more information you can visit to find out more.

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