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Formula and Formats for Wax Sealing in Singapore

When it comes to wax sealing, it’s important not to only understand the types of wax but also the formats. There are different wax types that are categorized by their ingredients, also wax formats that are categorized by their shape. To find out more info you can visit Professor Flyer & Name Card Printing.

You have to be able to understand these well and match the types and formats of wax according to the tools that you use so that the process of wax sealing can go smoothly.

First, let’s go over the types of wax.

Wax Types

The first formula or type of wax was discovered a long, long time ago and it is still preserved to this day. However, of course, due to the advances in technology, a new type of wax emerges.

The two most popular types or blends of wax are traditional wax blend and flexible wax blend.

The traditional wax blend, as mentioned before, has the original formulation of the wax that was used in the past until this day. The type of traditional wax blend is more often found in stick shape, and it is usually wicked. A traditional wax blend can be mistaken as a candle but it comes with a special shellac. Thus, the traditional wax blend is easy to break as soon as it gets tampered with, making it a great type of wax for ensuring the safety and confidentiality of a document. However, due to the breakable effect of the traditional wax blend, it is not ideal for sending out letters through the mail.

The other type or blend of wax is the flexible wax blend. The flexible wax blend is a mixture of real wax and resin, which makes it have more flexibility especially when it gets pressed down with the seal stamp. Due to the mix of resin, this type of wax seal is also easier to control when poured down onto the surface. And compared to the traditional wax seal, the flexible wax seal is better suited for mailing because it does not crumble easily.

The flexible wax blend is a perfect type of wax for decoration because it is more durable, easy to handle, and can even be used on curved surfaces.

Wax Formats

If you are using a glue gun, then it is best to use the glue gun sealing wax as it is the most convenient type of wax for this tool. With a glue gun and a suitable wax format, your wax sealing process can be quicker and easier.

With a glue gun, you can also choose to use a wax stick. The wax stick is usually made of the traditional wax blend or formula instead of flexible. The wax stick is better to be used with a wax sealing spoon over an open fire. This type of wax format is more fluid and quick to solidify, requiring you to work fast with it.

Also, you can choose to work with sealing wax beads which are perfect for the wax sealing spoon. Sealing wax beads are available in the traditional blend and the flexible blend.

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