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4 Questions and Simple Answers to Wax Sealing

Are you interested in knowing more about wax seal? It is something that has been around for so many years, dating back to hundreds if not thousands of years ago. It used to be very crucial and even quite exclusive back then, however, now it is mostly regarded as crafts. It used to be limited to only sealing letters, but now it can be used for decorations as well. Even though it’s importance has watered down, it has found another purpose in this technological era.

What exactly a wax seal is?

It is a seal that is made out of wax. The wax is melted and then stamped before it is let to cool down. In that simple way, you can get yourself a sealing wax

Are there many types of waxes? What are they?

There are various options for waxes with different colors, quality, mixture, characteristics, and so on. For example, some type of waxes have more wax content than the other thus they are easier to break, but some are more flexible and can withstand cracking better. Some waxes come with wick, some don’t. Some waxes are more suitable to be used with a glue gun, and some can be used with a wax sealing spoon. You have to always just explore and learn about each type of wax on your own for a memorable first hand experience. You will learn quicker this way, and you can really be sure of which type of wax seal suits your preference or the purpose that you intend it to be for.

What are the equipments for wax sealing?

Of course, most importantly, you need wax. This wax needs to be melted by a heat source, such as a candle. Or, if you’re using glue gun, it will already have a heat source built inside. Thus, this type of tool is more convenient. However, it can get quite difficult to get used to for beginners. That’s why, a lot of people who are more experienced recommend using a wax sealing spoon for first timers because it is simpler and easier to control, especially when it is time to pour down the wax onto the surface of a material. You also need a stamp. It’s is not the sampe stamp type as an inking stamp. It is a distinct stamp that is used for wax sealing only. You can get this stamp by contacting a stamp manufacturer and having the design you want handed to them.

What type of wax is the best?

There’s no definite answer to this since all waxes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Certain types of waxes don’t work on certain type of surface or paper material but they work really well on others. As previously mentioned before, all you have to do it try it out and be experimental with it. It’s alright to go on a trial and error process until you find the best wax for your purpose.

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