Slide and Photo Scanning: A Great Gift

Giving a gift to someone you care about is a great way to show how much you care. For some people finding that special gift can be a challenge and a lot of searching with no results. You can always take the easy route and go with gift card and be done with it. This may be fine for some occasions, but when you truly want to give someone that special gift there is nothing better than surprising them with family memories from years past. I am talking about having their collection of photos and slides scanned and put onto a digital format. Being able to provide them with something that has not been viewed in years and now is available to share and watch them on a TV or computer is priceless. Chances are those pictures are sitting somewhere in a garage or attic and have not been viewed in years or even decades. The process to get started can be a little challenging at first, especially if they have hundreds or even thousand of old photos.

It is worth taking the time to go through them and pick the ones that really have a meaning. Usually these are photos or slides that have family, relatives or important people that were or are in their life. There is no reason to be scanning pictures of buildings or of a bird if it has no value to it. Once you have gone through the tedious job of selecting your photos or slides to be scanned, it is now time to choose a company that can do the job to your satisfaction. If you go online and type in “photo scanning” or “slide scanning” you will come up with several companies to choose from. Do not base your decision mainly on price, you know the old saying you get what you pay for. Instead you want to choose a company that will be able to scan your pictures or slides with a high quality scanner, be able to make the proper adjustments once scanned and put them onto the desired media of your choice. That could be a CD, DVD, external hard drive, thumb drive or even have them put onto the cloud. The cloud is online storage and there are many companies that offer their cloud service for free up to a certain amount of space or gigabytes.