Business Card

Is Print Media Dead?

Printed marketing campaigns for small businesses are not dead yet. There are many areas in any business where printed material is still needed. You can also use your traditional marketing material and integrate them into your digital marketing campaign to create powerful results. Here are a few items that are still very popular when printing for your business.

Business cards still matter. A good business card printed professionally by your local printer is going to make a much bigger impression than trying to print them your self. Trying to print your own business cards come across looking cheap and unprofessional. Attending a trade show or other event will prove business cards are still a necessity.

Letterhead, envelopes and other stationary are still being used on a regular basis in any business. From time to time you are going to have to mail out proposals, estimates or a thank you letter and  having professionally printed envelopes and stationary will make your business stand out from all the tweet’s and emails that are sent out by your competitors.

When you are trying to create a new relationship with a business and you have just presented them with your proposal, do not leave them with a handful of papers. Having a nice printed folder with your logo on it will leave a lasting impression and looks far more professional.

Postcards and flyers make a great marketing tool depending on the type of business you have. A well designed postcard or flyer can get your customers attention since many companies have done away with them.

If possible always try to integrate your print marketing with your online marketing. Include your website address and other social media URLs so you can be found quickly by your customers.