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The Difference Between CD Duplication and CD Replication

The CD duplication process starts with a master CD-R that is ready to be copied.  Your CD master will duplicate the exact content onto your copies so you want to make sure you have proofed your master for any imperfections. In order to copy multiple CD copies you will need a duplication tower with several CD burners or you will want to find a company that can do the copies for you.  The CD duplication process is done by a laser passing through the dye of the CD burning the information onto the disc.  CD duplication is great for small quantity runs usually under 500 disc.  The other advantage of CD duplication is the turnaround time is much faster than the replication process.  Many times people will choose the duplication process for higher quantities of 500 if there deadline can’t be met by using the replication process.

Perfect Image Video states that if you are going to choose the CD replication process you will need to start out by having a finished ready to copy CD master.  When your CD master is sent out for replication the company is first going to create a glass master that contains the image of your CD.  After the glass master is created it is now ready for replication. This is done by using the glass master to stamp each CD pressing the information into the plastic mold.  Once the CD has been pressed it will have a coating sprayed on the bottom to protect the disc. The replication process gives you a more durable CD and usually will last longer.  CD replication is good for quantities over 500 disc and you will see the best pricing when ordering 1000 or more disc. Expect the turn around time be between 7 to 10 working days.

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Why Your Business Website Needs Videos

When a visitor comes to your website they take a micro second on whether they are going to stay or leave, even after all the hard work and money you have invested on getting it noticed. If you want to keep there interest one of the best ways is to add online videos to your homepage. When you add an online video to your website you will increase the time spent on the site, drive more page views and decrease bounce rates. An online video will build confidence and trust during your presale and sales process. Your customers would much rather watch a video on your product and services than read text and figure things out for themselves.

Today’s customers expect and want meaningful and engaging interactions with your company services and products. The best way to achieve this is by having video on your website. Whether it is a company overview, product demonstration or a video testimonial, video is critical in today’s website marketing demands. A video will give your customers more information and are more engaging and entertaining to watch.

You can also put you video on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Add the video links in upcoming email campaigns and increase you click thru rates. You can give the links to your sales team and have them include it to new prospects and potential customers in an electronic sales letter.

After you have spent the time and money in a quality online video production you will see the value in it as it is shared, commented and watched. Video is the best way to increase leads, persuade, captivate and engage customers and will help your business grow in today’s internet marketing arena.