Film To DVD Process

Add-Ons to Consider For a Film to DVD Transfer

Transferring your film to DVD is an easy choice nowadays with the cost as affordable as ever. Having videos in this format offers easier access to data and allows you to store it without fear of losing quality as film degrades over time. However, moving your memories from A to B is not your only choice in the matter. There are numerous add-ons you can consider to make your personal moments that much more special. Here are a few options you may consider including.

  • Title Page: It’s nice to have a label on the exterior of a DVD to identify it, but by including a title page at the beginning of the video you can let future audiences readily receive information such as who, when and what exactly they are about to view. You can also intersperse text throughout to identify changes in locations, events or people.
  • Music: There is no better way to set the tone for personal videos than with individually chosen tunes. You may want to consider a song that was popular at the time the event was filmed. Select a whimsical tune to enhance a playful scene or choose a more intimate song to give a sense of nostalgia.
  • Editing: While you may adore the moment Junior took her first steps, you probably don’t feel the need to relive the 15 minutes of video waiting for her to do so. When you transfer film to DVD, you can take the opportunity to hone in on important milestones while editing out some of the less than entertaining moments.

Many add-ons are easy to include and can up the entertainment factor of your video. Once the DVD is created to your specs, don’t forget to get copies to share!